Organigramme AFA anglais

Agence française anticorruption

Charles Duchaine, Director

Alice Navarro, Deputy Director

The strategic council, presided over by the director of AFA, meets at least once a year to define the overall strategy of the agency.

It is composed of its president and 8 members designated on the basis of their financial and legal expertise as well as their experience in the field of anti-corruption:

  • two members appointed by the Minister of Justice: the Director of Civil Affairs and the Seal and the Director of Criminal Affairs and Pardons;
  • two members appointed by the Minister in charge of the Budget: Alain BERDER, senior economic advisor at the Treasury General Directorate;
  • two members appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs;

  • two members designated by the Minister of the Interior: Mr. Rémi DUCHENE, Inspector General of Administration and Mr. Thomas de RICOLFIS, General Inspector of the National Police.

The term of office for members of the strategic council is three years (renewable mandate once).



General Secretariate

Advice, Strategic Analysis, and International Affairs Division

  • Business Support Department
  • International action mission officers
  • Public Sector Support Department

Audit Division

  • Business Audit Department
  • Mission officers
  • Public Sector Audit Department